Warning Signs of Suicide

·         Talking about suicide or wanting to die

·         Looking for ways to die

·         Feelings of hopelessness

·         Feeling trapped or in unbearable pain

·         Talking about being a burden to others

·         Increasing use of alcohol or drugs

·         Acting anxious or agitated

·         Sleeping too little or too much

·         Withdrawing or feeling isolated

·         Showing rage or an unusual level of calmness

·         Extreme mood swings

·         Sudden changes in performance at work or school

·         Lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities

·         Apathy toward the future

·         Impulsive or reckless behavior

·         Expressions of low self-esteem or self-hate

·         Changes in physical appearance

·         Giving away important or meaningful possessions

·         Pursuit of dangerous objects or supplies

·         Saying goodbye